Our Congregation loves to Worship HaShem Yeshua! One of those ways is through dance! Contact us if you'd like to learn a new step or just simply worship Him!

  • Beginner's Dance: 1st Shabbat of the Month
  • Men's Dance: 2nd Shabbat of the Month
  • Chris' Choice: 3rd Shabbat of the Month
  • Intermediate Dance: 4th Shabbat of the Month
  • No Dance: 5th Shabbat of the Month

Please be advised that the following is required for all classes which will occur after service from 3-4:30pm.

  • Closed Toe Shoes with some kind of support (sneakers, dance shoes, and the like)
  • modest and comfortable clothes
  • A desire to Worship

The Goal is to bring our focus to how we dance but learning how to Worship Yeshua in a new way! Cannot wait to have you for our next Worship Dance Experience!